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Ohio Cousins

Not cousins to each other, but cousins of mine.  Mark is my 1st cousin (our dads were brothers) and I photograph his family every year in July when I go to Ohio for our family reunion.  We did this session in the morning right before we left to drive home.  We found this great spot behind a school just down the road from their house.  The town they live in is basically one road long, surrounded by farmland.  I did some driving around the last time I was there and found some fun new spots for photo sessions, so I’m looking forward to future years of photographing the family.


Amos was 5 at the time this session took place and was a few weeks away from starting kindergarten.  He was named after his great-great-grandfather, which would be my (and his dad’s) great grandfather.


I just want to mention the chair being used in these images.  We borrowed the chair from Mark’s parent’s house.  It turns out that the chair belonged to our grandparents.  It was one of the green kitchen chairs that grandpa and grandma used all the years that I was growing up.  In fact, they probably owned that table and set of chairs for their entire married life.  I would never have recognized it since my aunt had it refinished.


Josiah, or Jo, was 3 in these images and was quite sad when his brother left him to start school.  In case anyone was wondering, Mark had really blonde hair when he was little.


I love Jo’s smile and how his nose kinda wrinkles up.  And I love little boys in overalls.


I’m sure they will love these yearly photos together when they get older.


Thanks, Mark and Jen, for letting my family invade your home every year and feeding us while we are there.  And thanks for letting me be your personal photographer.  I’m already thinking about your session for next year.

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