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Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Brunette and the Redhead

Percy Warner Park was the perfect backdrop for these sisters in their pretty dresses.  And we photographed Maddie and Margot just in time.  The session took place on a Saturday, and the following Wednesday Margot (the little one) fell off a stool and broke her arm.  Lucky for her she got to wear a fun pink cast for six weeks.

It always intrigues me when siblings have such different features, like the straight brown hair vs. the curly red hair. It just goes to show that even with the same parents, God makes us each in our own special way.

The “get-away.”  I love it when 2-year-olds decide they have better things to do than hang out with me and have their picture taken.  And she wasn’t going to let that dress hold her back.

Maddie and Margot’s mom is in the mom’s group that I am part of at her church.  We’re not in the same discussion group, though, so we haven’t been able to spend much time together during our Monday morning meeting time.

I’m so glad I was able to spend some time with you and your family, Emily. It was great to meet them and get to know you better.  I would love to photograph your family again in the future.

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